About Us

Who are we?

XACT ERP Solutions is a medium-sized, digital-first enterprise serving the operational and financial needs of retail, wholesale, distribution, and basic manufacturing businesses. Over the last 25 years, we’ve helped companies embrace agility and transform digitally with our world-class ERP system.

We help businesses grow with innovative, industry-built software, dependable expert advice, and specialised services. We empower customers with the confidence and security to take the next step. Whether expanding into new territories, adding new product lines, transforming business processes, or driving innovation, XACT creates solutions and a successful path to the unique opportunities awaiting manufacturers and distributors.

Our innovative developers are experts in trading and management technology. This, combined with our forward-thinking and dynamic approach, assures long-term relationships with our valued clients.

Headquartered in Durban, South Africa, it is our mission to solve tomorrow’s unique challenges today with unrivalled, purpose-built software and superior customer experiences from people who genuinely care.

Brand Pillars


To provide an unsurpassed level of service in the most efficient and qualitative manner.



We provide timely user assistance, ensuring that SLA deadlines are consistently met.


We encourage customers to think creatively by providing advice on how company processes can be streamlined to boost efficiencies.


We assure dynamic system development aligned with customer needs and expectations.

Best Value

We commit to ensuring our customers' needs are met, providing the best value service at an affordable price.


We take pride in providing simple yet effective solutions for complex business needs.

Fully integrated ERP system

What is ERP Software?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business management system that manages all areas of a company’s operations. This incorporates accounting, financials, order entry and processing, inventory, contact, and warehouse management.

ERP software reduces the need to acquire and connect numerous inventory, accounting, and CRM systems. It helps growing businesses streamline operations, maximise efficiencies, and decrease manual work.

Small firms usually start with accounting, inventory, or customer management software. These introductory systems are distinguished by their capacity to meet a specific business requirement (often, the first software purchase a firm makes is typically to manage accounting and financials).

Many businesses may explore other inventory management solutions to supplement their tech toolset as their firm scales. Eventually, a point is reached when handling several separate systems, and the associated double entry and keying errors become too much to manage.

At this stage—or even better, as your business grows—it’s time to implement an all-in-one ERP system to manage all operations and streamline the way your business works.

XACT does ERP right!

These days, many businesses use the term “ERP” loosely. Some enterprises claiming to provide ERP software may only offer inventory and accounting functionality, but not distribution, purchasing, or warehouse management.

XACT provides robust functionality for end-to-end business management, eradicating the need for numerous, standalone systems.

Benefits of Using Xact ERP Software

Using our software has numerous benefits, particularly for a growing business looking to diversify its sales channels:

Grow Your Business

XACT enables your business to scale by delivering enhanced capabilities that you can activate at any stage.

Optimise Processes

Streamline processes in all business divisions, including sales, picking, packing, shipping, and invoicing.

Reduce Manual Work

Remove the need for manual data entry and tracking information in spreadsheets, which can be error-prone and time-consuming.

Improved Reporting

Get real-time data to make better strategic decisions and gain insight into your business health.

Robust solutions designed to make big things possible.

Get the most rewarding ERP software.