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Delivering industry-specialised services that optimise business process transformation.

Your business strategy may prioritise growth as an important aspect of your company’s goals, but have you ever considered the importance of managing and streamlining all the processes and moving parts of your business?

With XACT ERP Solutions, you get a clear view of your supply chain and business operations, including financial, warehouse, and inventory management.

XACT ERP specialises in the Wholesale, Retail, and Distribution sectors and delivers solutions, processes, and tools to help you manage your data and generate business insights.

Our ability to innovate in response to market demands and our emphasis on speeding time-to-value enable us to deliver the capabilities required for the success of your business.

Whether you are a wholesaler offering bulk deliveries, a trade specialist creating bespoke solutions, or a retail organisation selling directly to the customer, our sector-specific solutions enable flexibility, visibility, and control throughout your entire trading operation.

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Our software’s capabilities span several industries and are backed by our world-class implementation and support.

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XACT ERP provides precise and real-time visibility into your bottom line while meeting all operational standards. Our system simplifies the financial management of your entire business, regardless of its complexity. The information you require lies at your fingertips, with automated workflows that expedite month-end close and ensure compliance.

XACT ERP allows users to process sales transactions quickly and easily. Users can convert a quote into an invoice in two simple steps or create a quick quote for pricing. Customers will appreciate the swift, professional service, and employees will have more time to attend to their needs. The efficiency of our software is so impressive that it can help secure future sales.

XACT ERP offers integrated customer and supplier management, allowing all users to easily manage cash flow on a single screen with the necessary tools. Our software connects your customers, staff, and products in one system while providing a consistent, accurate view of the entire customer journey.

XACT ERP allows users access to a contemporary toolkit for smart inventory planning and optimization. These tools remove the guesswork from placing orders for stock—where stock is required and how much should be ordered. A real-time system that can display all of this data on a single screen is indispensable.

XACT ERP software for warehouse management ensures that goods are located where they should be, delivered to the shop floor on time based on demand, stored in compliance with regulations, and correctly dispatched. Our warehouse module is fully integrated with our sales module and allows the warehouse process to be followed at each stage, making detecting and alleviating bottlenecks much easier.

XACT ERP comprises an intuitive flow that helps save time when registering transfers. The system caters for stock transfers between branches or warehouses and maintains a comprehensive document trail of the transferred stock. This provides organisational flexibility by allowing branches with excess supply to fulfil a requirement at another branch.

XACT ERP allows products to be tracked using the purchasing module in local and foreign currencies. Our software simplifies purchasing by automating the process and delivering accurate real-time data. Since the software constantly manages your inventory levels, you’ll always know what stock you have on hand and what must be ordered to complete a job.

XACT ERP software balances sales demand, procurement processes, and inventory control with your suppliers’ capabilities and capacities. It facilitates more transparent transactions and promotes a deeper knowledge of the business requirements of both parties. The creditor recon module manages supplier payments, including auto-generation of supplier payments. A query logging system for GRNs matches invoices from different suppliers.

XACT ERP software integrates industrial manufacturing processes from start to finish. We assist manufacturers in structuring and planning production schedules, monitoring stock levels, incorporating automation into workflows, and implementing EDI for quality check and control management. XACT enables the creation and production of multi-tiered BOM structures with activity queue scheduling.

XACT provides the information you require in an intuitive format, allowing you to make informed business decisions or respond to competitive market challenges. We create user-specific customised dashboards that are displayed upon XACT login. Several analytical reports are available across all of our modules, with the option of exporting this data to Excel.

XACT enables simple integration with online stores via web services. This facilitates real-time access to enterprise data, ensuring timely, correct information is available and mobile users have access to the most up-to-date information.

XACT provides off-the-shelf ‘bespoke’ or ‘custom-made’ functionality features beyond basic ‘one-size-fits-all’ ERP solutions. We offer industry-specific ERP software that includes all the necessary accounting, finance, and business administration capabilities. We take pleasure in designing and developing custom solutions specific to your industry and operational requirements.

XACT is a robust cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere and supports intercompany transactions. Users can navigate the system using a keyboard or a mouse, depending on their preference. The XACT system fully integrates with SAGE VIP Payroll.

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