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Whether you’re in manufacturing or retail, software or business services, XACT ERP has experience working with customers in all industries.


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XACT ERP software optimises shipping and transportation logistics, assists in forecasting product demand, supports on-time, in-full (OTIF) requirements, records inventory levels, integrates EDI services, and allows you to quantify actual landed costs. It is a system that all departments can use, from sales to warehousing to logistics and accounting, to leverage data and synchronise operations.

Our software ensures that your teams use the same real-time information, making managing a successful distribution business easier. Trade performance is optimised by expediting sales processes through rapid and precise transaction processing.

Benefits of XACT ERP in Distribution

Delivering far more than a generic software solution, we firmly believe that having an industry-specific ERP can be a game-changer for importers and distributors.

When you choose XACT ERP software, you can expect measurable benefits and ROI. Whether you have ten workers or 1,000, you need a reliable and robust distribution ERP to help you develop your organisation.

With XACT ERP software, you can:

By generating efficiencies across their organisation, distributors can maximise profitability and guarantee that the entire business uses the same real-time data.

Our software provides insight into your entire supply chain and allows control over all parts of your business, which is critical for providing your clients with optimum product availability and excellent customer service.

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Wholesale and distribution companies have unique requirements, such as control over manufacturing, inventory, or customer data. The line between wholesale, retail, and e-commerce is becoming increasingly blurred as more businesses adopt an omnichannel approach to selling products.

Your business can reach new markets and increase sales by offering customers more ways to buy your products. As with any company in the buying and selling of inventory, businesses that also sell through retail channels must have systems in place for product management, receiving, picking, packing, shipping, accounting, order entry and processing, warehouse management, and more.

XACT ERP software offers powerful inventory management features that assist your wholesale business in automating and streamlining processes across all departments. By doing so, the need to handle data in numerous separate systems is eliminated.

Benefits of XACT ERP in Wholesale

An automated ERP System has many benefits for wholesalers, particularly if they are growing or anticipate growth.

With XACT ERP software, you can:

Our ERP software provides insight into your whole supply chain to gain control over all aspects of your business. This is vital for providing your clients with maximum product availability and excellent customer service.

Future-proof your wholesale business.

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Specialised industry software to help your business thrive.

Managing a retail business, especially one with stores in several locations, is arduous. To keep up with increasing demand, business owners must streamline their operations, continually innovating and improving how they do business.

But, this isn’t always possible to achieve with traditional tools like spreadsheets and manual data entry. Retail ERP solutions address business challenges effectively with broad features to automate navigation between the many channels of the omnichannel retail experience. It ensures faster data movement, allowing decision-makers to obtain the best possible results through well-informed, real-time, data-driven decisions.

Industry experts developed XACT ERP to give you the competitive advantage you need. Our software is a flexible, all-in-one solution that simplifies day-to-day business operations. As a fully integrated suite, it enables financials, retail operations, and distribution management to interact as a unified solution.

Your customers can price, browse, and buy online just as simply as they do in the shop, thanks to real-time information flowing to the website. Targeted marketing strategies, unique discounts, and incentives help to build relationships.

With our omnichannel solutions, salespeople have complete oversight of product and supply chain information, allowing them to provide top-notch service.

XACT ERP software provides accurate reconciliation and control throughout the trading day, while management gets a complete picture of business performance. The software also helps forecast demand and ensure customer product availability.

Benefits of XACT ERP in Retail

By merging different channels, the XACT ERP software delivers a complete shopping experience, automating and streamlining navigation. It ensures that data travels quickly to provide decision-makers with the necessary knowledge to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our ERP software for retail provides numerous benefits—to your business and your customers.

With XACT ERP software, you can:

If you want that competitive edge and the ability to scale your retail business, XACT ERP is not a luxury but a necessity! From completing sales transactions to managing inventory, personnel, and other essential departments within your organisation, XACT ERP assists in every phase and offers enormous value to your business.

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